Fiberglass Batts

The insulation standard.

Fiberglass batts are one of the first things many people think of when it comes to insulation, they can almost always be found at the local lumber store and are easily recognizable. With a variety of options to fit any application, they are versatile and the most cost effective way to insulate any project.


Easily installed in wall cavities, Batts are pre-cut in various widths to make installation into any framing easy and quick. Most residential projects require only a day or two to complete the wall insulation. Batts are cut to fit into the wall cavity, and the batts are split to fit around any obstructions such as electrical, plumbing and HVAC. Once installation is complete the project is ready to receive the wall covering.


The standard for almost all framed floor assemblies, whether crawl space or over unconditioned space such as a garage. The ease of installation and quality provided is excellent. In crawl spaces the batts are supported by either steel support rods or twine that is stapled to the floor joists. And just as with the walls any obstructions in the floor are cut or split around to provide a quality installation.


Fiberglass batts are a great way to insulate hard to access or inaccessible ceiling areas such as parallel truss assemblies or bonus room ceilings. As there is no way to insulate these areas after drywall is installed. However they fall short when it comes to open attics, it is far better to use a loose fill blown fiberglass or cellulose product in open attic areas. Loose fill products provide a more consistent insulation value and are far less labor intensive to install, providing a cost reduction. We can install loose fill in an attic in a matter of an hour or two, where the same attic batted out would take more than a day to install correctly.

Sound Control

Fiberglass batts are also the most cost effective way to add sound control to your home. They can be installed in walls, ceilings, and floors to provide noise reduction in you homes sensitive areas. The best places to start with any sound control plan is the bathrooms and utility rooms. They will be the source of most unwanted noises such as running water,  washer/dryer nose, and furnace fans. The master bedroom is another great place to use sound control batts, as it provides an extra layer or privacy from the rest of the residence.

Sound control is also an important part of any commercial project, keeping offices separated and private, or providing separation between apartment units.

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