Suck out service

What Is A Suck out?

A suck out is a service we offer to evacuate old insulation from attics.

Why would I want to remove insulation?

There are a number of reasons, most often as part of a remodel or restoration, often from fire damage, water damage, or tree damage. However it can also be useful in a remodel especially when removing the ceiling or when a large amount of work will be done in the attic such as electrical, plumbing, or heating.


What kinds of insulation can you remove?

We can remove fiberglass, cellulose, rock wool, and a few other products as well with testing. We can not remove any product containing asbestos. We recommend contacting a certified asbestos abatement company for any materials containing asbestos. Any materials suspected of containing asbestos will need to be tested for asbestos content prior to removal.

How is the material removed?

We use a gas powered industrial grade vacuum with a six inch hose, it feeds the waste into a large vacuum bag in the back of our truck and we take care of disposing the waste. This allows for extremely quick removal of the attic insulation leaving an attic clean from insulation debris that is much easer to work in.