Utility Rebates

Utility Rebate Programs

Many utility companies are now offering rebates as incentive to upgrade your insulation, as well as other items such as appliances and windows in your home, to improve it’s energy efficiency. Most rebate programs can be found on your utilities suppliers website as well as the necessary forms, and instructions to fill them out. If you are considering an insulation upgrade you may want to check and see if your utility company offers a rebate program, if they do it can help pay for a portion of your new insulation.


Here are links to the rebates page of a few of the companies serving the northwest who offer rebate programs.

Submitting An Application For Rebate

Filling out the form for an insulation rebate is easy and takes only a few minutes. Here are a few tips to make sure it goes smoothly.

  • Have your personal information and account number ready.
  • Have a copy of your invoice for the insulation installed to send in with your rebate form.
  • Submit your rebate quickly, some companies require that the rebate be sent to them within a certain number of days of the work being preformed.

Your invoice will contain important information on it that will need to be filled out on the rebate form. most require you to select the application site such as walls, ceiling, or floor. You will also need to fill in the number of square feet installed, as well as the R-value of the insulation before and after installation. All of this information should be included on your invoice. You will also need to fill in your personal information to complete the form.